Infection Prevention

Infection prevention is crucial in the medical field, especially in the current climate. With the help of our vendors, we are able to provide our partners with the most extensive solutions available today through the use of UVC Disinfection Systems. These machines are able to disinfect rooms as needed and allow for an increase in staff productivity while effectively and efficiently ensuring that a room is clear of any contaminants.

UVC Robots

One of the main ways a room can be disinfected through the use of our equipment is with UVC robots. The robots are designed to decontaminate both the air and surfaces through an effective method of microorganism inactivation. These machines are able to permanently damage the DNA of infectious germs which, in turn, prevents replication and infection capabilities.


The Skytron Sterling washer disinfector series streamlines and automates the decontamination process of surgical instruments. With unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility, the Skytron Sterling washers reduce utility consumption and maximize usable floor space.

The Skytron Flex Ultrasonic Washer was designed with versatility and throughput in mind. This surgical instrument washer-disinfector can process large loads with non-proprietary trays, and run mixed loads of cannulated, non-cannulated and robotic instruments.

Sterling Washer

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Sterling Washers are effective at both maximizing usable floor space through compact designs and reducing utility consumption. These washers streamline and automate the decontamination process of surgical instruments with unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility.

Flex Washer

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The Skytron Flex Ultrasonic Washer is another necessary addition to any medical facility’s line of sterilization equipment. This washer was designed with both throughput and versatility in mind. It can process large loads and run mixed loads of cannulated, non-cannulated and robotic instruments.


Sterilizers are absolutely vital to any medical environment. With the help of our reliable vendors, we are able to supply our partners with the best equipment in the industry to ensure instruments and surroundings are disinfected, while increasing productivity and time management of hospital staff. The characteristics of each piece of equipment allow the medical facility to spend less time and space trying to keep things sterile, and more time on the patient’s needs.


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Another method of ensuring infection spread is prevented in the medical industry is through the use of integrity sterilizers. These machines are specifically built to conserve water, time and space. They are easy to operate, are able to meet diverse needs and are perfect for tight spaces.

Stainless Products

Stainless products are necessary for a number of reasons. With easy-to-clean surfaces and high durability, there’s a reason stainless steel is the standard material used for a number of different types of medical equipment. We offer a range of stainless steel products, from carts, to pass-through windows and pegboards.


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Kick buckets are used for their durability, resistance to tipping and ease of movement. They are designed to minimize damage from collisions through the use of high-quality, 16 gauge 304 stainless steel.

Scrub Sinks

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Stainless scrub sinks are designed with convenience, contamination control and durability in mind. These sinks allow for hands-free operation and knee-kick control, along with preset water temperatures with the option to adjust from a stream to a rosette spray.


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Through our vendor, Skytron, we are able to offer a full line of stainless steel tables. Whether your facility needs instrument tables, utility tables, nested tables, work tables, space saver tables, adjustable over operating tables or central supply tables, we’ve got you covered.


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Our vendor Skytron also offers a full line of stainless steel stands, with a selection from solution stands, IV stands, linen hampers and mayo stands.


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Step stools are used to help prevent accidents. The heavy-duty, stainless steel construction makes these step stools durable and long-lasting.

Prep & Pack

Prep & Pack tables are designed with the intention of alleviating physical strain on staff members performing inspection, assembly and packaging. These tables are available with either powered or manual height adjustment capability and feature a solid surface workstation that adjusts to easily accommodate technicians of all heights, both standing and sitting.


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Through our vendor, Skytron, we are able to provide partners with the ErgoStat® Prep & Pack Workstation. This specific workstation is convertible, from 26 ½” to 41 ½”, and is built to last with heavy duty inner and outer leg extrusions, designed for increased stability.


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The Stainless Prep & Pack Workstation, constructed with ergonomics in mind and a modular design, allows for multiple configurations and adjustability for all body types. Users may choose from the many optional features including magnification light, CPU holder, overhead light, electrical strip, adjustable height (manual or electronic) and more.

Processing Sinks

Versatility is essential in medical equipment. With height-adjustable processing sinks, as well as the ability to offer either right to left or left to right workflow capabilities, versatility has never been more achievable. We offer our partners a choice from triple, dual and single basins to fit their exact needs.

Nozin Nasal Sanitizer

Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® is a non-prescription antiseptic with microbial killing activity which is topically applied to the nostrils. The patented Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® formula, Nozaseptin™, combines the safe and proven antiseptic power of ethyl alcohol with the emollient, antioxidant benefits of natural oils.

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