Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems are essential to a medical facility, as they allow direct and immediate alerts to be made to ensure that a patient’s needs are met as soon as possible. It also allows specification to let the nurse know whether or not the assistance needed requires immediate assistance. This allows nurses to better prioritize tasks and be sure that everyone is getting the best care possible in a timely manner.

West-Com Nurse Call Solutions

Thanks to our vendors at West-Com, we are able to provide our partners with nurse call systems that are designed to optimize communication, increase patient safety and enhance the overall experience when it comes to patient care.

All-In-One Interactive
Nurse Console

The All-In-One Interactive Nurse Console is intended for use by staff members and allows for a unit map to be displayed that shows occupied rooms, patient requests, alerts and the locations of staff members. This all-in-one device takes the place of any necessary device as it handles everything that is needed at the nurse’s station. This system also plays audible tones for any alerts, with a reduced volume at night.

Nurse Call Systems for a Variety of Medical Situations


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Keeping patients and staff informed in an acute care situation is essential. Nurse call systems allow for continuity and safety for all involved, helping to prevent error, injuries and infections.


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Workflow and communication improvements mean an improvement in overall healthcare. With nurse call systems implemented into post-acute care, patients are able to heal faster and more efficiently.


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Nurse call systems are increasingly necessary in senior living communities. These facilities benefit from our systems as they improve the safety, confidence and engagement between patients and nurses.


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Seamless and personalized care is more possible than ever with nurse call systems that optimize the flow of patients, check-ins and assistance needed.