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With so many different aspects of the medical industry, there are a wide range of needs. At Shilston & Associates, it is our goal to provide for each of these needs in the most efficient and effective manner. Along with patient beds, OR and ICU solutions, nurse call systems and infection prevention, we are taking things a step further to provide even more for our clients. We want to be sure that our partners can trust us to provide them with equipment for every step of the medical process. That’s why we provide transfer devices, streamline transport systems, positioning devices and overbed tables to aid in the processes.

Lateral Transfer Devices

Lateral transfer devices are necessary for every hospital unit as manual transfers become increasingly difficult. These devices are designed to limit the need for manual transfers altogether. Thanks to our vendors at HoverTech International, patients can have a safer, more comfortable and overall dignified experience with lateral transfer and positioning devices.

Streamline IV
Transport System

For a transport system that has safer transports, an ergonomic design and high capacity, we offer our partners the Streamline IV transport system through Skytron. This system is designed to reduce the physical impacts and repetitive use injuries that often occur during patient transportation. This allows transport employees to do their jobs in a safer, more efficient way.

Overbed Table

Overbed tables are something that can easily be overlooked, as they require less intensive designs for multiple uses. These overbed tables are, however, necessary and crucial pieces of equipment in the hospital room. Provided by our vendors at Umano Medical, we offer an overbed table that exceeds expectations. With an acrylic top and low profile base, this piece of equipment will meet all the needs you have for an overbed table.

Adjusting, Positioning
& Turning Devices

With both comfort and safety in mind, devices that are designed for adjusting, positioning and turning are integral parts of a caregiving process. These devices are critical for bed-bound patients, and aid staff in effective patient turning while minimizing the risk of injury.

Healthcare Furnishing

Our vendor, Durfold, provides us with the ability to supply our clients with a wide variety of healthcare furnishings. Whether your hospital is looking for patient room options or waiting room and lounge area furniture, there are endless options to choose from.

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